Sunday, 25 November 2012

Slender Man

I was just playing a good old game of Slender when I suddenly got an idea. That idea was making a blog post about the game Slender. Sometimes I wonder why do people play slender. Some of you are probbably reading this blog post and wondering, who is the slender man and what is the game Slender???

I will tell you what it is.

The Slender man is a tall creepy creature or person who is around 8 feet tall and who can grow taller and can grow tentacles. He wears a suit and he has a plain white face. When he comes close to you I think he might make your vision go static but I am not completely sure. The history of the Slender man is that he lives in a forest and when children come in to the forest he kidnaps them and kills them. When the adults find out, they go to try to rescue their child or children but it is no use as the slender man has killed them. People tried collecting information about him and brought a camera with them, but whenever the slender man sees someone with a camera, he kills them.

To this day, people say that the slender man is a myth but you never know... He could exist and be real. I wonder if just an adult invented the slender man and tried to get their child to do what they're told.

The game slender is quite an intense game, what you have to do is you spawn at the edge of the forest and you have to collect 8 pages without getting killed from the slender man who roams around the forest. In the game, it is permanently night time because it makes it scarier. When you see the slender man, your screen goes static and you can hear him and you start getting scared. You're most likely to get killed by him if you look back behind you because he will be most likely to be there.  Once you collect all eight pages without getting killed by the slender man, you get killed by him anyway. I have heard from some people that you can get mods for the game slender and do stuff with it, like changing the time to day or something like that. I know loads of people who like the game.

I think people like this game because people want to get scared and they can count themselves as brave. I think people are scared of the slender because of the sound effects in the game, the awkward silence around you and the anticipation of expecting the slender man to come at you. People get scared because the slender man comes out when you least expect it. I bet you that you wouldn't believe me that people record their reactions of slender and upload it to youtube. The best time to play slender would be in the night because that would raise the bar of anticipation and expectation.

Well I'm done talking about slender and who he is and what the game is. I hoped you enjoyed this blog post and that it informed you. Now that I have talked about the slender, I feel like he's creeping up behind me.

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